Winter Registration is now open!! Sign up now to fight the Winter blues and stay active and social through the colder months!


We are super excited to start our first week of Holiday leagues this week. We can’t wait to see you all out there!

POLL OF THE WEEK: Holiday Theme Weeks

Click here to take our poll of the week. This helps us to figure out what our players loooove and want in the coming seasons at GRSSC!



We caught Allyssa Packer staying fit with her GRSSC shirt on!


Don’t forget to wear your GRSSC shirt out and about for a chance to win a free league and then sign up for a Winter league because registration is now open!


For those of you playing at Roosevelt Park Gym this Holidays season, here is a map to your location. If you type it into Google Maps then it will take you to a different location. Follow this map and you will be good to go. See you next week for the first night of leagues.


Congratulations to our Employee of the Week: John VanHammen



This week was rainy and cold, but the real actions was at the bars with all our awesome players!

Looks like this is what Superman does on his days off.


For more action shots, check our Facebook page… and don’t forget to review us!!


(SEMI) FAIL: Just a shout out to our favorite Craig who’s always camera-ready!!



Sponsored by Bud Light

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