End of Summer 1, 2018

The Weekly Brew

Let’s see what’s brewing this week at GRSSC

Our summer 1 season is coming to an end for our Monday and Wednesday leagues this week.

bar 2

Summer 2 leagues don’t begin until July 9th, so don’t forget to show your partner bars some love this last week of leagues.



You’re in luck! We have extended registration for our summer 2 season until tomorrow at midnight! So if you didn’t get a chance to sign up for a league yet you still have time. Sign up before it’s too late!

Half-off the hottest event of the summer



Stop the Press!  You’re going to want to read this if you missed it in last week’s newsletter!

You’ve probably heard about the Alaskan “Iditarod” race with dogs and sleds and whatnot;

Well, this is nothing at all like that.

Instead of dogs, it’s people.  Instead of a sled, it’s a shopping cart. Instead of winter gear, it’s costumes.  Yeah, it’s going to be awesome.

Where: Heartside Park, Downtown Grand Rapids.

When:  Saturday, August 4th, 2018

Who:  600-1,000 racers (4-6 people/team)

We’ve got 5-6 charities that are benefiting.  We are incorporating 5-6 local bars, and we’ve got the green flag from the City to do this!

Racers will navigate the pedestrian ways of downtown as they use clues to search for their next checkpoint (a pub).  They have a mandatory 20-min wait at each checkpoint to ‘re-hydrate’ their ‘doggies’.  There isn’t any order of what bars to hit and there isn’t any dedicated route.  It’s all on them.  It’s all urban.

Trust us when we say it is going to be huge.

Get 50% off your registration fee by using the code: RUNFORHALF. Learn more about our event or sign up at miditarod.com!

We want to hear YOUR story!

We think it’s important to know our players stories. We’re looking for our awesome GRSSC players to share their story with us and have a chance to get featured like Brittany. Take our survey and take part in our 10 year anniversary fun!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.01.27 AM.png

Come hang with us!

VOLLEYBASH – July 14th

Registration is now open for our VOLLEYBASH tournament on July 14th at Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon. We are offering 4v4 Men’s, 4v4 Women’s and 4v4 Coed divisions. Grab your friends and sign up today!

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