Week 3 Recap – Summer 2, 2018

The Weekly Brew

Let’s see what’s brewing this week at GRSSC


HO-HO-HOly fun theme week! 

Thank you to everyone who dressed up for our Christmas in July theme week! Your social points will thank you. For those teams who didn’t, you still have a chance to earn some serious social points by dressing up for our superhero theme in week 5.

Meet Emily

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.57.54 PM.png

“I was so scared to apply for my current job because I thought it was too much of a risk,” said Emily, “I was unhappy at my job but I just figured I had to stick it out.”

Emily, 26, graduated from Kendall College with a degree in interior design. “Grand Rapids was a happy accident,” she said, “It just so happened that Grand Rapids had 3 of the largest furniture companies, which is what I wanted to work in.”

To Emily, however, complete happiness didn’t come immediately. “I was working for a small company in Grand Rapids that I hated. I had heard from someone there about a sports league called GRSSC,” she said. “I then signed up as a free agent for volleyball. I knew absolutely no one. I remember sitting in the parking lot beforehand and I called my dad crying because I was so scared,” she continued, “he reassured me everything was going to be okay, so I went.”

Once Emily started to play for GRSSC, she continued to love it more and more. “The club started to help me build confidence in myself. I met some of my closest friends there,” said Emily.

“I remember when I first applied for my current job, I wasn’t qualified whatsoever,” she said, “but my friends at GRSSC knew how much I hated my current job and they pushed me to apply. Once I realized I had friends in my corner, taking risks weren’t so scary. I applied for the job and got it.”

Emily now works at Haworth in Holland as a product application specialist. “I love my job now,” said Emily, “my friends at GRSSC were my cheerleaders.” Emily now plays as a substitute, but hopes to come back in the near future with her boyfriend. “I love the club. I miss it every day,” Emily continued, “go play, meet people, and see what happens.”

Good luck to you, Emily. We’re so proud to have you in our club!

~League Time Change~

images (5).jpegPlayers,

We just want to update you that beginning next week, July 30, we will be adjusting schedules for Monday Kickball (Aberdeen), Tuesday Flag Football (Richmond), Wednesday Soccer and Wednesday Kickball (Aberdeen), so that games will start at 6pm / 7pm / 8pm to allow us to finish the final game before it becomes too dark to safely play at these locations.


-The Social Squad-

We want to hear YOUR story!

We think it’s important to know our players stories. We’re looking for our awesome GRSSC players to share their story with us and have a chance to get featured like Emily. Take our survey and take part in our 10 year anniversary fun!

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.01.27 AM.png


Check out our NEW WEBSITE!

download (1)

We got a new website that just launched THIS SEASON.Watch these video tutorials to learn about all the perks to our new site!

Week 5 Theme – Superhero


Score your team some extra bonus social points by dressing up in out theme week next week.

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