Week 6 Recap – Summer 2, 2018

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The Weekly Brew

Let’s see what’s brewing this week at GRSSC

Meet Tom

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 9.46.06 PM.png

“As hard as it is to believe for some of the people that know me, I actually can be a very anxious and often shy person,” said Tom, former player for GRSSC. “In my experience with GRSSC, I’ve always felt comfortable being myself and meeting new people.”

For Tom, GRSSC was just one of his many fond memories of Grand Rapids. Just a year ago, Tom decided to venture off and move to Ludington where he received a promotion with his job at Shermin Williams. “I actually got that job because of the people I met playing softball for GRSSC,” he said.

To Tom, being a part of GRSSC in Grand Rapids was a huge boost to his social life. “I was constantly playing and it was great. I met some pretty cool people. No matter how awful my day was or how down in the dumps I was, I could go out there and compete with other people and laugh and have fun. It would truly be the best part of my day,” he continued, “sure I talked some trash! Sure I recruited good players for next session!  The people are what makes anything fun.”

One of Tom’s most fond memories was winning the most social player for his league. “It was such a cool experience for me because it was just such a fun session with such great people,” he said, “We were a very mediocre team but really each game was just so much fun meeting people and no pressure just running around and being silly.”

These fond memories give him even more of a desire to come back. “I want to thank everyone that has ever laughed at me sliding whenever I could in softball wearing my striped pants. I want to thank everyone who’s heard me sing karaoke at the Log Cabin. Everyone who I’ve shared a smile with and had a good laugh about how getting older sucks. And I would also like to say that I’ll be back soon.”

Thank you for being such a dedicated player, Tom! We hope to see you soon.

What a referral looks like in your wallet


Invite friends for credit: For every new friend you refer who joins our leagues, you get $5 credited towards your next league and so do they. Isn’t that awesome?! And you can do this as many times as you want to earn enough for a free league!

SBC’s Social Mixer and Water Pong Tourney – Sept. 6th

Security Benefits Center is comprised of 3 awesome guys (fellow GRSSC players) that specialize in financial planning.  They are excited to sponsor and host this fun, free event for you.  They look forward to introducing themselves, educating y’all about what they do, and putting on a fun tournament for you to enjoy! Sign up today to secure your spot because there are only 40 spots available for this awesome event!

ALREADY?! It’s our final week of leagues


Now that week 6 is a wrap, we only have one more week of leagues left (week 7). Our only exception is Monday Impact Beach Volleyball, which has two more weeks left. Let’s finish strong, everyone!

Hurry! Registration closes August 22nd for Fall 2018

Sign up now to get your spot in one of our fall leagues! Leagues include:

  • Indoor Volleyball37246800_2152207881479689_2825503806869995520_o.jpg
  • Kickball
  • Dodgeball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Backyard Bonanza
  • Flag Football



Let’s talk shirt colors


We know how important it is for you to get the color you want for your t-shirt. On our new website, once your team is complete, you can select your new team uniform color under the edit team tab in your league dashboard!

Check out our NEW WEBSITE!


We have a new website that just launched THIS SEASON. Watch these video tutorials to learn about all the perks to our new site!


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