August is a Brewing

It is officially AUGUST!! Congrats on making it through the first 4 weeks of Summer 2 Leagues!! We have 3-4 more weeks left of the season and we need everyone to pump it up out there.

This blog post will contain updates, photo archives, upcoming events, and spotlights on players and staff.


Photo Archives:

Just a handful of some of our FAVE shots from the first half of Summer 2!! You all did so great!!


Summer leagues are coming to a close, but Fall leagues are heating up! REGISTER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!

Sold Out Promo.JPG


Below are the submissions from our Meme Competition Thank you to all those who participated! There is voting poll on the Facebook Page. PLEASE VOTE for your FAVORITE by August 30th. Thank you!!

Submission 1Submission 2Submission 3


This week is Theme Week


Are you a super fan of GRSSC? We are looking to players who love the club and want to help promote the amazing things we do for video and audio testimonials! Please reach out to our current Intern, Alison Zywicki, at if you are interested. Provide what day you play and what sport you partake in. Thank you!

Don’t forget about how to make your teams super social!

Social Points


Are you following us on INSTAGRAM??!


If not, I promise you’re missing out! Hop over to Instagram to see if you made any of the photos!


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