The Last-One-Standing Brew

Look at those players, unwittingly practicing 6 feet apart from each other… Noice. Dodgeball is notorious for “last-one-standing” stories, and we need to feel like badasses at a time like this. You don’t have to post anywhere if you don’t want to, but think of a time where you beat the odds. Share that story with someone, because even though we can’t be physically close, we need each other. And if you’re in the Club, you’re more social than most, so don’t forget about your buddies!

Hey there everybody… we all know the situation: social distancing, washing hands, quarantine. For introverts, maybe this isn’t so bad.

However, us who #KeepPlaying are going crazy! We want you to know we at the Social Club are struggling right along with you. We’ve all taken safety measures with our cleaning to keep risk as low as possible. It really bummed us out to suspend games; of course we want to see you all having a good time because that’s what we promised you from the beginning. However, everyone’s health is our number one priority. And also, the government are kinda bossing us all around. State-issued orders don’t leave much wiggle-room, do they? But in all seriousness, we want everyone to stay safe and stay healthy, so we can all get back on the courts together! With all the energy we have pent up, it should be an epic return.


Summer I registration is still going on! This ends May 20th, so think about being cooped up and how much fun casual sports will be in the warmth that summer will bring. It’s pretty darn nice, innit? It is, trust us.

We accept all body types and major credit cards*

We can’t promise anything, but it’s looking like Summer I games are set to start June 1st. But if we do what we can to stick to CDC recommendations, don’t take unnecessary risks, and stay connected through virtual means, we can get through this and be together again come summer games time! Let’s gear up for a really great season!


Maybe from being cooped up, but we got another one for ya

The Sport and Social Club will have a Twitch channel that will host eSports, live events, and special challenges! Stay tuned to and more details will be on this channel soon.


Is it just us, or is it odd that Easter Sunday is in the middle of the month? It falls on the 12th this year, folks, so it’s coming up! Provided the lockdown on Outside continues by that time, get creative! Major events might be cancelled, but it’s a perfect time to color eggs and do elaborate Easter egg hunts inside! If someone sends us a GRSSC or KSSC themed Easter egg to our page, we’ll take note of it somehow. Maybe virtual high fives on Facebook. Maybe a badge. We don’t know. But it’d be pretty cool if you did.

That was a little on the nose, sorry

Tenacious Basterds

More persistent than inglorious?

Now that we’ve recapped the serious but necessary COVID-19 schtuff, it wouldn’t be the Sport and Social Club way if we didn’t move on to a game. Being in isolation is for the birds… or not, really, cause birds are l i t e r a l l y a symbol of freedom. Anyway, if you guys haven’t checked it out yet, PLEASE visit our Facebook page and take a gander at the fun challenge we have going on to counter the lethargy of quarantine! You’ll have to join the group Sport & Social Group Keep Playing Challenge. There’s a vid on there with the deets. The gist is, take a video of you doing something to stay active and you can be entered to win prizes once this all dies down! Thank you all for your understanding and keeping on playing with us.

Like and join us on Facebook for regular updates on what the Sport and Social Club is up to

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