You MAY Play in Leagues….Online!

Because of COVID-19 and the whole quarantine thing, we pivoted to offer you fun online games so you can keep playing and keep socializing. Because we now offer daily drop-in games and continue to add more new stuff, we’ve decided to update this newsletter/blog every two weeks so you can stay in the know.
Here’s what we have lined up for the next two weeks:


A short 4-week season getting you and your team back together playing (virtually). These leagues are offered globally across 10 sport & social clubs between Michigan and Canada. So we know it will be epic and we will sell out. With that said, league starts Monday, May 18th so hurry and get your team assembled before we fill up. Choose your night and style:

Monday & Wednesday’s
(team play: ‘all play’)

Friday & Sunday‘s
(team play: ‘captain consensus’)

Timed trivia questions. 3 rounds of 15 questions each. Each player plays on their own in a large zoom room with the whole league. ‘All Play’ team format means every player plays their own game and their score is averaged together for their final team score. All teams will be in the same zoom room when playing. 5-min breaks between rounds where we will place teams into their own breakout rooms to chat and socialize!

It’s an elimination game. Your team must get the answer correct to survive for the next question. Get it wrong, and like Dodgeball, you’re eliminated until the next round. ‘Captain Consensus’ team format means you’ll play the game in your own team’s breakout room to collaborate together, your captain will share their screen and will submit the answer on behalf of the entire team. In this style, we will play as many rounds as we can fit inside an hour.


Is it just us or are we all missing the fun of hanging out and socializing. We are now offering daily games if you’d just like to drop in for an evening of activity. It’s fun for you to keep the boredom at bay and give you the opportunity to play online and hang out with old friends or make some new ones.

Get in the Game!

We miss seeing you…

We know, we know. We too are also itching to get back to playing our normal sports, especially as this weather starts to become more and more beautiful. We will get leagues back up as soon as it is safe to do so, but while we are waiting, we invite you to come play online with us. You’ll get to hang out with old teammates and make a few new friends along the way. See you in cyberspace!


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