Oktoberfest Brew


It’s getting to that time of year where you want to turn on your fireplace and put all of your summer clothes in storage. It is important to stay warm and layer up on game nights so you won’t be freezing your butt off. You should check out our newly updated gear page which lists off many clothing and gear pieces that are handpicked, tested, and approved by the SSC staff!

There are many products to choose from, ranging from cold weather apparel for outdoor games to glow in the dark accessories for glow in the snow volleyball. If you click on any of the links or pictures, this will bring you to an Amazon purchasing page. Whenever someone clicks on a link or makes a purchase, SSC will earn a commission and put the money right back into the leagues! We are going to update this list of goodies every month and have the best gear recommendations for you!

Here is a link to our new gear page, check it out!!! https://grssc.com/gear


The Holiday 2020 season is starting in three weeks! Don’t forget to sign up before all of the slots are filled, and remind your friends about the numerous indoor sports that we offer. If you didn’t know, some of our Holiday sports include glow in the snow volleyball, flag football, kickball, streetball hockey, bar Olympics, and many other sports. If any of these sports interest you, please click the attached link to sign up and join a league! https://grssc.com/leagues/join


We also wanted to send a reminder that everyone is required to wear a mask for indoor sports. Even though this is a buzzkill for game nights, the SSC team doesn’t want this small requirement to take away from all of the fun you would be having if you aren’t wearing masks. Wearing masks is not only sad for our players, but our staff too, we love seeing your happy faces during the games! We have to follow the state rules and guidelines, so we hope there aren’t any issues.


On a positive note, week 5 of the Fall 2020 season is Halloween themed! Get decked out in all of your sports themed, movie themed, or other creative costumes that you can think of. You should discuss with your teams about what costumes to wear. This is because your team will get more social points if your team has matching costumes! Also, we would love to see your dogs dressed up, because there is nothing cuter than a dog in a costume!

Week 5: October 5, 2020 – October 10, 2020


Halloween is always a great time to get out of your comfort zone and a great chance to dress up as something you love! Here are some ideas that SSC staff think would be a hit for 2020.

Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin from Tiger King,

John B from Outer Banks

Kobe Bryant (mamba mentality),

a COVID cell

and our personal favorite, a Zoom call (business casual on top, lazy Sunday morning on the bottom)!

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